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By partnering with our expansive influencer network, brands are able to grow brand awareness, gain new customers and increase their sales potential. Working with one of the industry’s most powerful influencer marketing platforms, our live and comprehensive data means brands can have deeper understanding of their market impact for a clearer, more strategic future.


Global Impact

With a global reach, rewardSnap has currently partnered with over 600 retailers worldwide ranging from high street brands, independent designers and luxury labels. Appealing to users of all ages and tastes, we offer a wide selection of product types and price ranges. Maximising each brand and their products’ potential, we allow brands to optimise their reach and selling potential through unique influencer marketing strategies.

Work smarter, not harder

Our comprehensive data gives you a deeper understanding of your market impact. Utilizing our industry-leading professional’s retail experience and knowledge with historic sales data, we eliminate the questions around affiliate marketing and partnerships to give you full transparency into your impact made. From total sales and average order value, to live performance tracking, we give you the insights you need to create authentic influencer partnerships that sell.


Data that we stand by

We stand behind our metrics and campaign deliverables. That’s because we’ve built a suite of market-leading tech solutions that help brands search across top influencers and drive real influence through seamless user journeys that can be tracked in real time. Offering exclusive analytics that is easily accessible all in one place, brands can analyze post-campaign results by measuring their effectiveness and guide future solutions.


Goxip Promotion

Brands looking to maximise their content marketing success can do so via Goxip. As Asia’s leading fashion and lifestyle shopping platform, Goxip allows users search, explore and find exactly what you’re looking for - all in one place. By becoming a brand partner, labels can use the platform’s existing established target audience and leverage exclusive promotions that will drive increased organic traffic and sales to their websites.


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Goxip Influencer Engagement

Goxip is an effective channel for influencers and comes in very handy. Influencers can strategically leverage Goxip’s Shop the Look feature to create fruitful content and directly link users to retailers sites.

In turn this will increase engagement and develop deeper connections with followers by taking advantage of its existing large consumer base to amplify endless monetization opportunities.